Joann Sfar: Drawing From Life

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Sneak Preview Excerpt: Joann Sfar Draws from Memory from Citizen Film on Vimeo.

Soon after posting yesterday’s fret fest over the state of the cartoonist, we had to hurry off to the world premiere of JOANN SFAR: DRAWING FROM LIFE, a documentary by Sam Ball about the French comics superstar. A mellow, thoughtful 46 minute film, it captures Sfar a few years ago when THE RABBI’S CAT was on its way to selling 600,000 copies in France and his work was being published here in the US by First Second…but BEFORE he became more renowned in his homeland for directing.

The film follows Sfar living what almost everyone reading yesterday’s thread would consider an idyllic life: drawing at the local cafe in Paris, drawing at home, sketching non-stop, playing the banjo, and playing with his children and cats in between. In the film, he ruminates on his family history, art and storytelling in between excerpts from THE RABBI’S CAT and KLEZMER (both published in English, by Pantheon and First Second respectively). The film features no voice but Sfar’s and lyrically showcases his art and his sketching style. Director Ball took pains to show the comics, with many long lingering shots of Sfar’s loose but precisely observed art.


Via The Beat.

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